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Under COVID-19 over the past three years, the Asia Pacific Area Convention has not been held physically. Hong Kong is now fully open, and the government has launched the “ Hello Hong Kong” Campaign starting from March 1, 2023, giving away 500,000 flight tickets consumption vouchers to tourists.  

The Theme of this year Area Convention is “ Empower , Lead and Shine
”. On behalf of The 30th Asia Pacific Area Convention Host Committee 2023, we sincerely invite all of you to come to Hong Kong for a big reunion, to feel our passion for hospitality and to enjoy fellowship. 

Host by Y’s Men International 
utheast Asia Region Hong Kong District  
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AC Flyer (Chi & Eng Ver)
AC Flyer (Japanese Ver)

Chairperson Message

Fellowship is the essential foundation of our organisation. 

I am delighted to be able to provide you all with an Area Convention where, for the first time in many years, members of the Asia Pacific Area can meet each other face-to-face to deepen friendships and make new friends.

Each club in the YMI provides service to the YMCA and the community in its location. Still, beyond that, it is the reason and joy of belonging to the YMI to work in solidarity with our colleagues worldwide and in the Area.

Many of you will attend this convention and truly enjoy belonging to a global service organisation. 

This convention will undoubtedly meet your expectations.

Hiro Tanaka
The 30th Asia Pacific Area Convention Committee Chairperson, Past Asia Pacific Area President



Asia Pacific Area President Message

I am so glad that the 30th ASP AC will be hosted by Hong Kong District and many others without the disturbance of the pandemic Covid-19 and this convention could possibly be held in the form of in-person presence, and I realised how wonderful it’s now when Covid-19 starts far away after two and half year's terror. 

Based on Hong Kong YM leaders' active hardworking and strive for the betterment of the YMI World, I fully believe they will drive more participants to attend and create this event into incredible success in their energy serving and outstanding leadership.

I am glad to send my congratulations to Hong Kong District for achieving its success with best wishes. 

Charming Shen Chi-Ming
Asia Pacific Area President 2022-2023



Asia Pacific Area President Elect Message 

The Asia Pacific Area, consisting of 16 countries, boasts its unity in diversity. The 30th Asia Pacific Area Convention will allow you to experience the Area’s unity and diversity through fellowship with YMI family members from in and outside the Area. Such an enriching experience will empower you and strengthen the Area to lead the Y’s movement. You will shine brighter and help the Area shine more radiantly than before. 

So, please don’t miss the opportunity to Empower, Lead & Shine! I am looking forward to seeing you in Hong Kong in November.


Keiko Tonegawa
Asia Pacific Area President Elect 2022-2023


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Host Committee Chairperson Message

In the past three years, we have all experienced lockdowns and entry restrictions due to COVID-19, which prevented us from meeting Y's friends at RC's, AC's and IC, etc. 

Now, Hong Kong has fully open to welcome tourists from all over the world and Hong Kong Government has launched a campaign to promote Hong Kong tourism since March.

For this special event, we sincerely appreciate the full support of both the Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong and the YMCA of Hong Kong, offering accommodations and venues for organising AC 2023.  

I wish all Host Committee members every success in their work, and welcome all Y’s Men to Hong Kong. 

Alexander Chan
Chairperson of Host Committee of the 30th Asia Pacific Area Convention, Past Regional Director


Secretary General of Host Committee/Asia Pacific Area President Elect-Elect Message

When I was the Regional Director of Southeast Asia, I proposed that Hong Kong host the Asia-Pacific Area Convention, with an aim to lead the new Y’s Men and young leaders to engage and promote the Y’sdom through area convention.  

Hong Kong used to host the International Convention in 2000 and had rich experience in large-scale conferences. I believe that under the leadership of the senior members, the 2023 Asia Pacific Convention will be full of vitality, empowerment, leadership and successful in fellowship. Let’s shine together. 

Joan Wong
Secretary General of the 30th Asia Pacific Area Convention /
Asia Pacific Area President Elect-Elect

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